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Adamspeak trail

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Scale the dizzying heights of this 2,240m sacred mountain - the island’s fourth highest peak – in the early hours of the morning to witness not only a spectacular sunrise but also a glimpse of a mysterious triangular shadow cast of the peak by the light of the rising sun. In the company of pilgrims of four religions who each claim that the mountain’s sacred Footprint or Sri Pada was bestowed by one of their own faith, you will experience the Peaceful prosperity that this dazzling spectacle brings. Legend has it that the footprint indented in the rock at the summit of this verdant conical mountain was made by the Buddha, on his third and final visit to the island. Muslims believe it is the spot where Adam first set foot on earth after being banished from the Garden of Eden. Christians believe it belongs to St. Thomas the Apostle, whilst to Hindus the Footprint belongs to Lord Shiva.

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