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Knuckles Trail

The KNUCKLES Forest, which covers an area of about 160sqkm, falls within the Kandy and Matale districts. One of the main aspects, of this region is its unique landscape and the scenic beauty. It is without doubt, the most scenic part of the Highlands of Sri Lanka containing some of the most rugged, spectacular and breath taking mountain scenery in the island. Another unique feature in this range is that it represents almost all major climatic zones in Sri Lanka. This range undoubtedly will arouse the interest of any nature enthusiast and amaze any botanist or researcher.

This wonderful tour will take one through almost all forest types in Sri Lanka. If one were to start from Illukkumbura the lowest point, which at only 250ft is covered by the Dry Zone Forest and travel up to Riverston at 4000ft, which area is covered by the Pygmy Forest (top most segment of the montane forest), one will traverse Dry Zone Forest, Wet Zone Forest, Dry Pathana, Montane Forest and end up with Pygmy Forest. What is amazing about this tour is, all these can be encountered within half an hours drive. Separate short hikes into each forest type would be an unforgettable experience. A walk through the PitawalaPathana, the largest Dry Pathana planes in the island and look down the precipice – a sheer drop of about 1500ft – at the Puwakpitiya valley below, would be another fascinating part of the journey.

Adams Peak Trail

Scale the dizzying heights of this 2,240m sacred mountain - the island’s fourth highest peak – in the early hours of the morning to witness not only a spectacular sunrise but also a glimpse of a mysterious triangular shadow cast of the peak by the light of the rising sun. In the company of pilgrims of four religions who each claim that the mountain’s sacred Footprint or Sri Pada was bestowed by one of their own faith, you will experience the Peaceful prosperity that this dazzling spectacle brings. Legend has it that the footprint indented in the rock at the summit of this verdant conical mountain was made by the Buddha, on his third and final visit to the island. Muslims believe it is the spot where Adam first set foot on earth after being banished from the Garden of Eden. Christians believe it belongs to St. Thomas the Apostle, whilst to Hindus the Footprint belongs to Lord Shiva.

Horton Plains Nature Trail

Horton Plains is undoubtedly one of the world's best nature reserves and eco tourism venues. It is characterized by a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, covered in upper montane forest and wet patana grassland. In general, the forests are seen on the hilltops or upper slopes the grasslands in the valleys and lower slopes, eventually giving way to wetland habitats. Spanning approximately 10,000 hectares the park is also home to a wide variety of flora (57 species, 29 endemic to Sri Lanka) and 24 species of mammal such as elk, deer, giant squirrel, wild boar, wild hare, porcupine and leopard. For bird enthusiasts, there 87 species (14 of which are endemic), including many migratory birds. The Plains also feature many interesting attractions such as 'Bakers Falls', 'Chimmini Pool' and the famous 'World's End' (a 3700 ft sheer drop that offers fabulous views of the tea estates below and all the way out to the distant southern coastline).

Thalakotewawa Trail

Start the jungle / village trail to ThalkoteWewa. [Tank] This is about 5.2km long and takes about 3 hours. This trail is going through few jungle patches / chaina cultivations, paddy fields. The terrain is flat and easy walking. You will be able to observe the real way of life of the villagers in this part of the country.


Kinchigune Nature Trail

Kinchigune is an ancient village which is almost totally submerged in the waters of the Samanalawewa Reservoir which came to being in 1980s. The people of this village have been engaged in the Steel Industry in addition to Agriculture, in the early days. This diverse trail of approximately 6km begins at the River Garden Resort in BelihulOya, and runs alongside the riverine forest and the BelihulOyariver itself. During the trail, we will walk through paddy fields, across rivers and past local village houses with their extensive vegetable plots. It is an ideal opportunity to learn a bit about the local agricultural systems and simple way of village living. Along the way, you will also witness several types of beautiful birds and butterflies and some a couple of small but charming waterfalls.Thetrail ends where the BelihulOya river meets the Samanalawewa reservoir The whole journey takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how often you want to stop for rest, photos, or simply to take in the wonderful surroundings




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